A robot commissioned to view over 200 hours of UK soap Emmerdale as part of a clinical trial has been found in a state of permanent disrepair.

The experiment at the University of Ormskirk had originally set out to encourage artificial intelligence to recognise signs of distress in human facial expressions to aid dementia sufferers. Four weeks in to the experiment lead lecturer Dr Neil Morrison found “Robbie” with two Phillips screwdrivers inserted in to the retinal camera sockets of the prototype unit.

In a statement issued by the engineering faculty, Dr Morrison declared “Despite our best efforts to bring about a successful conclusion to this thesis, it has become very apparent that not even advanced bio-mechanical technology can be involuntarily made to watch fair weather TV soaps with weak story-lines”

Phase two of the project to study group interactions and relationships by enforcing AI to watch all ten seasons of Friends has now been scrapped.