Large sections of the popular film franchise Taken have been frantically rewritten overnight after lead actor Liam Neeson’s recent televised outburst.

Leading Hollywood scriptwriters were mobilised as a matter of urgency to ensure the dialogue of the trilogy was reflective of the opinion held by current contemporary society. Early indications are that attributes no longer incorporated in the ‘particular set of skills’ possessed by lead character Bryan Mills include ‘diplomacy, tact and international race relations’.

Scriptwriter Union chairman Ian Fairweather commentated last night “It is very rare that we interject in to a script post production but Mr Neeson’s actions 40 years ago warranted a complete rewrite”.

Film critics are eagerly speculating as to which replacement characteristics will now be included in Mr Mills’ full repertoire . Bookmakers have slashed the odds on “snowflake sensitivity, toxic masculinity awareness and mindfulness” making the specific “list”.