Representatives for European Council President Donald Tusk were frantically back-peddling last night after a tweet from his personal account had originally declared that supporters of a no-plan Brexit deserved a “special place in hell”.

An official statement from Mr Tusk’s attachment declared that a simple typo had completely distorted the original intention of the tweet and what pro-Leave proponents really warranted was a “special place in Hull”.

“Mr Tusk is fervently aware that the East Yorkshire region had one of the highest proportion of Leave supporters at the 2017 referendum so it would be only natural for Hull to be selected as a place of central repatriation” the press release read. “With idyllic views of the River Humber, the national Whaling museum and it’s own independent telephone network it is the obvious choice of residence for the Brexiteer with no apparent leave strategy”

The Chairman of the Hull Tourism Board, Ernie Blades echoed Mr Tusks alledged sentiments. “We’ll take owt in ‘Ull, as long as they don’t come from south of Doncaster”