A British woman with a rare extra sensory anomaly has become an over night internet sensation claiming to be able to relate any name to a very specific taste.

Mother of two Jennifer Powell has suffered from neurological condition synaeathesia from birth. When one sense is heightened, the sufferer is usually inundated with multiple responses from the other senses which can lead to a sensory overload. Jennifer has been diagnosed with ‘lexical-gustatory synesthesia”, a particular strand which relates specifically to taste and words.

Rather than allow the exhausting nature of the condition take over her life, Jennifer has taken to Twitter to ask users to send her their names and in return she will reply with the particular taste invoked by the tweet. “In just over 24 hours I had over 6 million notifications. The reaction has been overwhelming and has certainly heightened people’s awareness of synesthesia” Jennifer stated last night.

A selection of Jennifer’s unusual taste observations include:

Hannah – A wet weekend in Eastbourne

Graham – Dissapointment on Toast

Ross – Corduroy paint

When quizzed on more topical, political names, Jennifer had the following sensory experiences:

Theresa? A cold turkey roast with no Brussels.”

Donald? Like a large angry orangutan has just taken a dump in my mouth”