The Department for Employment and Learning has issued a warning that in the light of the recent equine flu outbreak currently decimating horse racing the number of unemployed men under five foot tall is likely to rise sharply.

With all racing suspended for a minimum five days in a bid to quarantine the highly contagious strain of the virus, business analysts believe that the blanket ban on all race meets will cost the industry millions of pounds. With no guarantees offered by the British Horse-racing Authority as to when racing will be allowed to resume, those employed in the sector are being forced to think about their employment futures.

A spokesperson for the Professional Jockey Club echoed the concern “The majority of our members have been in the profession since they were in school trousers. Many of them still fit in to them. All they have ever known is how to sit on a horse and many of their skills are not transferable”

In preparation for the suspected influx of diminutive unemployed workers, a government think-tank has been set up to help those leaving the sport in search of alternative employment. Some early directives being issued are approaching large supermarket chains to consider freelance resource for the stocking of lower shelves, theatre companies are to be encouraged to put on more performances of Snow White this Christmas and the BBC plan to assist by recommissioning a new series of Teletubbies.

The investigation in to the root cause of the mutated strain of equine flu continues.