A South African grandma is suing a UK based male strip troupe after a wardrobe malfunction left her with permanent damage to her sight.

Merle Groenewald, 58, was sat in the front row at the Dreamboys show in London’s Leicester Square in December 2014 when a wayward pair of fireman’s trousers discarded in to the crowd caught her in the face. She alleges that the blunt force trauma injury sustained by the incident left her requiring surgery and a subsequent loss of full sight in her left eye.

Merle is now suing Dreamboys London Ltd with the writ stating they “failed to ensure that there was sufficient space between the performers and the audience, so as to ensure that the performance could be carried out safely.”

President of the Dreamboys UK fan club, Lisa Archer last night commented “After all the junk they throw around on stage each night, I’m surprised someone hasn’t had their eye out sooner…”