World renowned intelligence society Mensa have today announced plans to modernise their standardised entrance exam to account for the daily cognitive trials faced in contemporary society.

Whereas previous forms of Mensa tests have largely concentrated on testing the mathematical capacity of the applicant, the revised format has been designed to incorporate incidents of lateral thinking required to negotiate life on a day to day basis.

In examples of the test released by Mensa International, some of the routine scenarios that the successful candidate will need to surmount include:

  • Putting out the bins on the correct day following the Easter Weekend bank holidays
  • Demonstrating proficient knowledge of the “AV” channels on a TV remote control
  • Changing the oven clock after a power cut/change to daylight saving without setting the timer instead

A spokesperson for Mensa applauded the new changes stating “We all know Einstein’s aptitude for quantum theory and relativity but could he change a spent down-lighter bulb in a shower cubicle?”