Veteran daytime TV presenter Richard Madeley once again proved he was the “King of Cringe” after interviewing a naked Brexit opponent on live television this morning.

The interview with self-styled Remain commentator Dr Victoria Bateman who appears in the media nude to illustrate her opinion that Brexit leaves Britain vulnerable, sent social media in to meltdown after an atypically embarrassing exchange from Madeley.

Rather than addressing the burning issue of how a post-Brexit Britain would fair, Madeley appeared more concerned about where the sound production team had positioned Dr Bateman’s microphone. He also commented on how perfectly legible the “Brexit Leaves Britain Naked” slogan had been written across her naked torso. “It’s beautifully written in capitals. Who wrote it?” Madeley enquired.

The awkward dialogue had many Twitter users drawing comparison between Madeley and legendary Steve Coogan persona Alan Partridge, with one tweet asking if the new Partridge series had been released ahead of schedule. Another viewer appeared a little less dumbfounded by the televised conversation commenting “After years of watching Richard and Judy I am completely used to seeing a couple of tits on morning telly”