Middle aged men all over the UK are frantically searching their sheds and wardrobes after Italian fashion giant Gucci showcased their “box dirty” trainer in Milan yesterday.

The distressed looking footwear is current retailing at over £650 and is described on the Gucci website as being “classically influenced by 70s vintage sportswear” and purposefully dated in appearance.

In a quirk of fashion fate, the design appears very reminiscent of the footwear most men of a discerning age wear to cut the grass, perform small scale DIY projects in and put on to attend live music events so they don’t ruin their only “decent” pair.

Father of three Shaun Potter was elated at the overnight news from the Fashion world “It’s about time that the tormented sneaker got recognised in wider circles. It’s a strong look that’s transcended decades. I’m going to see The Wombats next week and will purposefully loiter on the edge of the melee hoping the clumsy beer soaked populous of the gig will add further value to my Cons”

Fashion bloggers have whipped up an online frenzy try to second guess what the next item of distressed clothing will follow the trend. Nursery worker and fashion follower Natalie Cook was equally excited about the new look “We really don’t know how far this will reach inside the industry. I’m too scared to wash the child vomit off my tabard each day in case the look suddenly takes off”