Huge phallic plumes of ash were spotted over the isle of Java yesterday on the day that the Grand Tour production team announced that filming of an Indonesian special is due to commence in Spring 2019.

The rude formation appeared as the 12,000 foot high volcano Semeru erupted sending clouds of debris several hundred feet in to the air. The spectacle could be witnessed across the entire island with many locals speculating as to what had upset the Indonesian God of the Underworld Batara Kala.

Local villager Fadhlan Abyasa was convinced it was a clear message from the Gods “When Semeru erupts it is a sign that great malevolence is coming. The Gods try to warn us as to what from the evil will take so that we can prepare and keep watch for its arrival”

The Grand Tour crew had earlier released a press statement declaring their intentions of following up the success of their Vietnam special by filming a similar programme in the dramatic landscape of Indonesia. A spokesperson for the team stated “It’s good that the islanders are acquainted with the form of a giant penis. Makes the introduction of Clarkson to the environment so much easier”