A couple who found fame during the 2014 World Cup for their less than artistic attempts to draw each player participating in the competition have been threatened by Manchester United’s legal team for infringing “intellectual property rights”.

Alex and Sian Pratchett have been producing their unique brand of “wonky drawings” for the past 5 years and have hand drawn each sticker issued by Panini for the last two World Cups and the 2016 European Championships. Sales of the paradoxical caricatures have generated over £14,000 for charity, although the United designs were on general sale for profit.

A spokesperson for Manchester United said “Permission to use Manchester United’s intellectual property is only granted to official licensees, partners and sponsors of the club. Because these items feature the Manchester United word mark, they unfortunately infringe these rights”

The legal action taken by United has been met with universal derision and has been referred to as “petty” by fans of the Panini Cheapskates drawings. The family of United centre back Phil Jones have also condemned the move stating that “the irregular, haphazard and asymmetrical Wonky Sticker drawings of Phil are the most aesthetically pleasing pictures we have of the face only a Mother could love”