UK farmers are increasingly utilising the on-line dating phenomenon to help find the perfect mates for their livestock.

Using the same platform as successful dating applications such as Tinder, the “Tudder” app allows prospective breeders to access over 42,000 profiles of bulls or cows and interest can be registered by swiping right over any specimens that fit the respective breeding programme of the user.

The Tudder app has been developed from the existing “Sell My Livestock” website that was launched in 2014 by agricultural technological firm Hectare in an attempt to make the breeding information more accessible to possible clients. In conservative estimates, it is believed that one third of all UK farms already use Hectare’s technology to promote their livestock and it has already secured additional funding of over £3 million from investors to “reinvent farm trading and making farmers’ lives easier”.

A spokesperson from on-line dating giant Tinder dispelled concerns that the development of the Tudder app will impact social traffic on their site stating “there may be a reduce number of cows using our site, but this will not impact the diverse range of pigs, dogs and cocks we have being readily promoted on our platform”