A large scale international beer festival set to be held in Manchester all weekend has been cancelled after one day by local council officials after it was found that the prearranged venue did not hold a licence to sell alcohol.

The “Friends and Family Beer Festival” organised by local brewery Cloudwater had been set to run until Saturday at the Upper Campfield Market but had to be suspended halfway through after police informed the organisers that they risked breaking the law.

In an official statement posted on the Cloudwater website the company stated ” We have just had one of the best days of our lives, having welcomed every independent brewery we’ve brewed with and a few more, and over 1,500 people to what many were congratulating us as one of the best beer festivals they’ve ever been to. The attending police officer earlier this evening, the two licensing officers, a licensing solicitor, and even the night-time tzar of Greater Manchester, appear to have exhausted every option to allow us to operate in Upper Campfield Market tomorrow. If we ignore the licensing team, and run tomorrow anyway, I risk an unlimited fine or six months imprisonment”

It is a major blow to the Cloudwater brewery, rated the second best brewery in the world at the RateBeer Awards last year, with hundreds of prospective attendees for the Saturday event being left disappointed after the licensing oversight.

A council spokesman said “what event promoters should take from this incident is that it isn’t as easy to organise a piss-up by a brewery as previously thought”