Global financial organisation The International Monetary Fund have this week announced plans to standardise all worldwide fiscal cost analysis using the new economic unit “A Notre Dame Refurb” [NDR].

The IMF hierarchy hope that the proposal will allow for a universal and unequivocal understanding of the real cost to solve worldwide issues such as climate change or child poverty.

Spokesperson for the IMF Maria Montague explained the motion further in an official press release “In a world that is gravitating towards a global community, the need for a singular monetary unit that everybody can relate to is more prevalent than ever. It has become very apparent that since the fire that devastated large sections of an 850 year old church in France that the populous have been very quick to see the cost of the refurbishment process as a unit measure of quantifying international issues”

In order to obtain a better understanding of the new monetary unit, the IMF produced the following conversions:

  • Cost to mitigate global carbon emissions – 400 NDR
  • Child poverty costs in the UK – 58 NDR
  • Ending Amazonian Deforestation – 200 NDR
  • Trump’s Mexican Border Wall – 100 NDR

It is hoped that the conversion rates issued by the IMF will help social media commentators accurately convert their disdain for the huge sums of money pledged to repair the Notre Dame in their sociopolitical posts and tweets.