The future of hundreds of Family Law firms were last night in jeopardy of closure after a viral tweet from toy firm Mattel confirmed a long-contested UNO rule.

The Twitter comment has appeared to have settled generations of Yuletide family disputes by firmly stating that a player cannot cumulative add to the number of cards the next player picks up by adding another “+2” or “+4” card.

A spokesman for the British Legal Council suggested that the definitive clarification of the rule will directly lead to a fall in the number of cases of family disputes subjected to the legal system. “There is irrefutable proof that there is a direct correlation between the sharp rise in board games played at Christmas and the number of legal writs issued to family members. This UNO rule clarification will have far-reaching implications for the industry”

Serial UNO playing family member Ian Thompson feels that the statement from Mattel is too late for some. “We ostracised Great Aunt Gladys during the last years of her life for failing to declare “UNO” when she only had one card left. If she knew she was right all along about the non consecutive pick-up rule she’d be spinning in her grave”