On the morning after English football set an unprecedented record of providing all four finalists in the two major European club football competitions, both the Remain and Leave campaigns were mobilising their political spin teams to assume responsibility for the unparalleled achievement.

Spokesperson for the Leave Party, Douglas Urquhart, believes that the success of English sides this year offer an invaluable insight in to a post-Brexit future. “It just goes to show that we are not as reliant on our European counterparts as we are all being misled to believe. If English football can stand alone at the forefront of it’s grade, this must be expected of our manufacturing and services industries too”

Director of Communications for the Remain Party, Ian Fairbanks, offered an atypically robust counter argument “This monumental achievement of our English teams perfectly exemplifies why we need a cross border sharing of labour and industry specific expertise. It is a well documented fact that two thirds of all Premier League footballers are of non-UK origin. You will not win any silverware with a team consisting of Geoff Thomas, Carlton Palmer and Neil Shipperley”

In an argument as divisive as the gap between the wages of Alexis Sanchez and any other Premier League footballer, the truth remains that the uncertainty of Brexit is still an unknown quantity. What economic commentators are stating irrefutably is that the cash flow from the UK to the alcohol vendors and prostitution rackets of Spain and Azerbaijan will exponentially increase in the first week of June.