Serial fraudster and master con-man, Grandpa Joe Bucket, was officially charged last night with benefit fraud and the misappropriation of welfare payments relating back to the early 1950s.

Mr Bucket, now in his late eighties, finally faces prosecution after archived footage of him vigorously celebrating grandson Charlie’s unlikely competition win surfaced on the internet. The grainy film captures the octogenarian dancing animatedly around his one bedroom house which is already under investigation for multiple occupancy infringements.

After learning of Charlie’s “against the odds” success, Mr Bucket is viewed slowly getting to his feet after twenty years of being confined to his bed before launching in to iconic dance routines from many classic Broadway productions. The competition win subsequently allowed both Charlie and his allegedly immobile grandparent to visit a clandestine multi-national cocoa processing plant. There are unsubstantiated claims that whilst at the industrial unit, they illicitly procured a patented carbonated drink with anti-gravitational properties.

Public prosecutor, Elaine Robertson QC, issued a damning pre-trial statement aimed at Mr Bucket “This is a classic example of the flagrant misuse of the welfare apparatus. Joe Bucket has proved time and again that he is a callous and malevolent individual who thinks he has a golden ticket to operate above the law. The allegations of fizzy-lifting drink theft only go to further exemplify this point”