A 28 year old mother of two sent the internet in to meltdown last night after mile by mile statistical analysis of her recent 3 mile jog were shared across her personal social media platforms.

The data sharing exercise caused a varied and frenzied internal reaction across her full spectrum of friends, with many questioning the moralistic value of the transparent exercise details. “What I’d like to know is how can any conscientious Mother spend 37 minutes away from their children at that hour of the day?” exclaimed one follower. Other commentators were a little more supportive “I now understand why she posted a picture of the gin & slimline tonic she savoured afterwards as way of justifying the run. Those 540 calories burnt were well spent!”

The information provided also shamed some less athletic social media associates of the sporadic jogger to question their own exercise routines and feel a modicum of guilt about the fish supper they had just devoured from the chippy. Those that had undertaken exercise recently were quickly trying to calculate if their most recent recorded run was completed at a faster speed in an act of remote competitiveness.

Whatever the reaction from the populous to the publication of the 3 mile run analytics, the final word should be left to the solitary friend who provided an actual commentary to the post, Karen Beavis, who thoughtfully proclaimed “You go girl!! Smiley Emoji, Smiley Emoji, Kiss Emoji”