International paint manufacturer Dulux have today announced a range of new colours tailored specifically to recognise the achievements of outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May.

The Dulux website state that the additions to their existing pallet portfolio have been developed individually to reflect “the overall legacy left by Mrs May’s leadership” It is largely expected that each of the available new shades will fall within the grey scale spectrum.

The press release went on to state that not only have the colours been carefully crafted to accurately depict the aesthetic of the political climate propagated during the PM’s regime, but the label given to each colour had been purposefully selected. Some of the new paint hues include:

‘Iron Lady Shadow’

‘A Burst of Novichok’

‘Donald Tusk-an Sunset’

‘A Dapple of DUP’

‘Windrush Backwash’

‘Brexit (con)Fusion’

Sales of the new paint are expected to be significant as consumers rush to decorate their sheds, living rooms and garden furniture in a colour that’s as dank and dreary as the social, political and economic landscape left by Mrs May’s administration.